Phil Chrysler

Executive Vice President

Phil Chrysler

Phil Chrysler is the Executive Vice President of Team National. He has over two decades of experience in Sales & Marketing. Phil was a salesperson and then the general manager at a marina & yacht manufacturing company located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. During his tenure in the marine industry he served on the board of the Marina Mile Association.

He then relocated back to Michigan, his hometown. He is one of several co-founders of Cruisers, Inc. a specialty vehicle company focusing on manufacturing components and providing up-fitting services for law enforcement vehicles. After 10 years in manufacturing, he left Cruisers to move back to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Phil also has experience with a variety of real estate projects. He started researching some new ideas for Team National’s Chairman, Dick Loehr. In January 2006, he began actively working on the launch of Team National Factory Direct.

He currently serves on the DSA’s Government Relations Committee. Phil lives in South Florida with his wife Angela and their daughters Sydney and Siena.


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