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Tony & Stephanie Dunn

We are Tony and Stephanie Dunn from Malvern, Arkansas. We were extremely busy when we looked at Team National almost 10 years ago. Prior to Team National, we were small business owners; we had a body shop which specialized in glass and upholstery, 27 rental properties, 2 car washes and a laundromat. I was a registered nurse in the long-term care administration, responsible for 200+ patients and 300 employees, on-call 24/7. Our average work week was over 80 plus hours a week. We had 5 beautiful children that were growing up without us, right before our eyes, while we were working to provide a living for our family.

Immediately, we saw the savings our company provided and used those to cut our overhead and expenses in our business and at home. Tony started sharing the opportunity with family and friends, like you do about a great movie or restaurant, between customers and windshield time to the bank or post office. In ten months, we had replaced my income as a RN. I was able to go full time at the body shop and have time for our children like I had never had before, I was able to go to the school functions; ballgames, pep rallies and assemblies. Now, we could work this business together, sharing with new team members and building relationships that continue today. It seemed the more income we created with Team National the more the body shop required, taxes, employees and equipment updates. We prayed for guidance and 3 days later the prayer was answered when a gentleman returned to Malvern and wanted to buy a business. It was his 30 days later.

Not only has Team National changed our financial future but it has given us our lives back. We now have our time and family time that was very limited. We can have holiday time, which was impossible due to my nursing schedule; it seemed I always got a call on Thanksgiving, Easter or Christmas. Vacation was unheard of until now, for years even a simple movie was impossible. All that has changed now!!! Thank You Team National!

Our journey to Double Platinum certainly changed our lives, the personal growth, the relationships and kinships we developed along the way which we will have the rest of our lives. We have our dreams, hopes and strong desire to make differences in “Others” lives. Our ability to dream again and share those dreams with our team and company will continue to change lives and encourage people to see “if we can-they can”.

One major factor in Team National that new IMDs don’t see in the beginning, is the life-long relationships that you start building with strangers that become closer than friends and family. It is those relationships that build you to the leader you need to be for this awesome company. You become a major piece to life’s puzzle that fits and intermingles to be the best YOU can BE for all to See.

Team National is a way of life in our home; our kids learned when the phone rang that meant business: Quiet then back to normal when the call was over. Our youngest children listened to the conference calls, the WHY before the How, Jim Rohn & Zig Zigler and Fast Tracks. By sharing that with them, they understood what we were doing; it made us better spouses to each other, better parents to our children, better grandparents to our grandkids, better brothers and sisters, better children and grandchildren-Just better people!!!

Our family has grown now to 3 beautiful daughters-in-law, Amber, Brittany and Jessica and 3 awesome grandchildren, Kadence 6, Zander 5, and Maddy 4. We have time freedom to enjoy them.

It has given us the ability to dream again with no limitations and the ability to share that opportunity of hope with others. We have climbed the ladder of success in Team National to Double Platinum with a gratitude and multitude of Blessings from our God, our family, our Team and our Company!!!

We Love YOU!

Tony and Stephanie Dunn

Isaiah 40:31 But those who wait on the Lord, Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.