Home Based Business Facts:

  • About 70%of home-based businesses will last over a three-year period, compared to 29%of other business ventures, according to the Home-Based Business Institute.

  • Entrepreneur magazine estimates that $427 billion is generated each year by home-based businesses. Pittsburgh Business Times says that's bigger than General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler all put together.

  • Every 11 seconds someone starts a home-based business.

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  • Discover a new and exciting product that literally sells itself and is marketed by people just like you with great success.

  • Discover the top training and support that can take you from earning a good part-time income, to complete financial independence.

  • Discover a compensation plan that rewards you with immediate income and long-term residual income.

  • Discover a completely new marketing system designed to help you build a global business, right from the comfort of your own home.

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Do you like to save money? If so, then Team National is for you. Team National Customers from across the country have saved money on products and services that we all use every day, including long distance, automobiles, furniture and more.

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