Joe & Kim Andrews

Loveland, CO
Welcome to our Team National Website. We're Joe and Kim Andrews. We own and operate Mountain Magic Ranch, where we help people with their horses. When we were introduced to Team National, we saw a way to supplement our income. Because of the seasonal nature of our ranch business, we needed something to help us get through the winter. As Team National Business Exchange members, we get free, targeted advertising. Team National members can search the Business Exchange for local businesses, like ours, who offer discounts to Team National members. When we shop on Team National's BigN Marketplace for things we need to buy anyway, like household items, car parts, home electronics, and printer ink, we receive commission checks for our purchases. We chose to participate in Team National's optional product program. The potential income Team National's product program offers is outstanding, and we really enjoy taking Team National's nutritional products. They are a big step up in quality from what we were taking. We can feel the difference. Getting our Success Club packet is one of the highlights of our month. The book and CDs are so inspiring, it makes receiving Success magazine seem like an added bonus. We see our personal growth as a key component to our future success. Now we are excited about taking it to the next level by helping other people build their Team National business. If you would like to save some money, supplement your income, or even retire without financial worry, we want to help you. Thank you for visiting our website. feel free to browse the site, watch the videos, view a few of the success stories, and let us help you achieve your dreams. Joe & Kim
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